Tips on buying  toner cartridges

If you have a small business then purchasing of toner cartridges will look like the costly affair and replacing them frequently can also be very frustrating and will increase the monthly expenditure. It is very important to check different aspects of toner cartridges before you are purchasing it.


Recycled: If you are that consumer who believes in eco-friendly products then you should definitely opt for the recycled cartridges because it will not only be a budget-friendly expense but it is also good for earth and environment. In comparison to the branded toner cartridges, these recycle cartridges will cost you 80% lesser than it. Moreover, they will be producing the same quality and will be yielding outputs which are quite similar to that of the branded toner cartridges.


 Individual or tri-color cartridges: Both of these cartridges will be having its equal share of disadvantages and advantages depending on the way of using it and how you want to print. If you are planning to use the tri-color cartridge then it will be costlier in the long run because if one of the cartridges is getting emptied then the other won’t be working. So you will immediately have to install a new one in order to start using it. Moreover, when you will be dumping a cartridge which is filled with ink, then it will be a costly affair. When you are using the individual cartridges you will have to replace it whenever it is getting emptied completely.


Warranty from manufacturers:  In order to ensure that the customers are satisfied most of the companies of toner cartridges will be providing warranties to the consumer. Always try to keep the entire packaging in original form without causing any damage to the box. Keep the bill and the warranty card in a safe condition so that you can easily go to the store if you see any sort of problem-related to the toner cartridge and it will also help in seeking a replacement or refund.


Standard or extra large cartridges: You will be seeing a lot of differences in these two cartridges. If your company requires printing of massive volume, then you should definitely opt for the extra large cartridges because it will help in printing more pages and will save a lot of money and time. With the help of standard printing toner cartridges, you can only use it for home printing.


Printer compatibility: It is very important to check whether the toner cartridge that you are purchasing will be compatible with the printer or not. It is very important to know that all the cartridges are not created in equal shapes and that is why different printers will be needing a different type of toner cartridges. There are many printers that will need multiple toner cartridges whereas some of them can only work with individual cartridges.


Always pick the toner cartridge price after analyzing the type of task that you will be doing with the toner cartridge.