Financial Independence in retirement – now there’s a Reason to Smile.

Imagine being able to release some of the value you’ve built up in your home without having to move.  Just thinking about it has probably brought a smile to your face.

Rather than just dream about the possibility, if you (and your partner) are aged 60 or over and own your own home, the Sentinel Lifetime Loan could open the door to a whole new lease on life.

Inside our website, you’ll find information all about the Sentinel Lifetime Loan and how it works; client stories, and much more.  There’s also a calculator to show you how much you can borrow and how your loan and the equity in your home may change over time.

So why not take your time and browse through the website to find out more, or contact the Sentinel team on 0800 488 740 – we’re always happy to help.

Due to the global financial environment and restricted access to funds Sentinel has temporarily stopped accepting new loan applications, existing clients with Express Top-up facilities are unaffected.