Different type of cuts for an engagement ring

A diamond is considered to be quiet pricey and very personal and that is why most of the people opt for a diamond when they are gifting the engagement ring to the partner.


Different types of cuts are there which helps in enhancing a diamond engagement rings and that is why you need to choose the diamond ring and its cut by scrutinizing everything.


  • Round cut: the Round cut is basically for someone who is very much drawn towards the timeless and classic style. This round brilliant cut is perfect for people who want to wear a very traditional look and this engagement ring will last for many ages. So if you are looking for that maximum sparkle, then the round cut is something you should be considering.


  • Princess cut: The Princess cut diamond will be square in shape and it will have beveled four sides and it creates the pyramid appearance with a shiny surface. If you want to incorporate modern design with maximum sparkle, then this is the perfect ring cut. The ring looks contemporary because of the clean lines.


  • Emerald cut: Emerald cut helps in flaunting the refinement and elegance. This elongated shape is perfect for someone who is on the understated side. If you are a woman having a very discerning taste, then it is perfect from you because it helps in blending classic style with the edge.


  • Cushion cut: Trendiness and feminine come to a point where the cushion cut is developed. If you are looking for the soft look with maximum sparkle, then this cushion cut is perfect for you.


  • Oval cut: Oval cuts are becoming quite popular among the diamond rings because this cut is going to help you in providing those elegant and classic aesthetic look.


  • Marquise cut: Marquise cut is for people looking for ultimate elegance because the pointed ends will be meeting with the Navette cut. Apart from being unique, this ring cut is going to create the illusion of having an elongated hand.


  • Radiant cut: Radiant cut is quite similar to emerald cut and it looks like the octagon. This ring will be a dazzler and it is specifically for the women who are very outgoing and bubbly in nature. With a lot of flash and sparkle, this rectangular shape with brilliant faceting diamond cutting is going to steal the limelight.


  • Asscher cut: Asscher cut helps in showing some sophistication and it is specifically for the women who are looking for unique and antique design and want those retro look. This cut is quite similar to the emerald cut.


The cut of the diamond should be chosen by looking into the lifestyle of the person. The budget will be the determining factor of the type of cut that you can opt for. Every cut is going to have its own gleam and an engagement ring must showcase the type of personality the person who is wearing it is having. The cut off the diamond ring is what makes the entire concept unique.