6 Tips To Hire A Reliable Moving Company


Thousands of people move around in Auckland every year and they are able to accomplish it with almost no issues at all. To ensure that the move goes off smoothly, it is important to hire the best Auckland movers possible. Here are some ways to get the best team for your needs:

Make A Moving inventory

Any moving company will ensure that they take all the possible inventory of all your belongings as well as determine what will be the bulk and weight of the whole move. They should ideally go through all possible storage spaces like drawers, cupboards, bookcases and such. This also includes a large part of the price which the mover will charge, will be based on the weight of your things and the space it takes up in the truck.

Don’t fall for paying a large deposit

Most reputable movers don’t demand a large deposit or cash before moving even begins. Only pay when you deliver the goods. So make sure you only pay when delivery is done. Paying in advance means that you won’t have any control over when you can expect your things to show up. Even while paying, make sure to use a credit card so that you stay protected from fraudulent activities.

Get references on the movers you are hiring

Try to get a list of recommendations on reliable movers from friends and family. You can also get a list from various reputable organizations which deal with movers. You can even ask movers for recommendations and references of customers they have served in recent months. Then call them up and ask them questions pertaining to the moving company and their experience with them.

Avoid paying packing costs

If you make your mover do all your packing, then there’s a chance that you will have to pay inflated prices for packaging materials like boxes and moreover you will also have to pay for time and labor as well. If however, you decide to have your movers pack, then make sure to ask about their experience as you would certainly want to eliminate chances of getting someone who just tosses everything in a box and calls it a day.

Don’t fall for a blank moving contract

Never sign on a blank contract and get everything you can in writing. This includes the mover’s estimate amount as well as any extra fees which will be incurred. The contract should also state the pick up and delivery dates as well. Before signing, read the contract carefully and also make sure that all of your furniture and belongings are listed. Remember, if your laptop or stereo isn’t listed in the inventory form you put your signature on, you can’t expect it to be in the box when the package arrives.

Report any issues

You will have a period of time within which you can report any issues to the moving company and file an insurance claim. So if you open up a box a year too late and find just shards of glass in place of precious glassware, you are then out of luck. So check everything carefully after it has been delivered to you.

These tips and steps will help you figure out how to get the best movers for the job.

Different type of cuts for an engagement ring

A diamond is considered to be quiet pricey and very personal and that is why most of the people opt for a diamond when they are gifting the engagement ring to the partner.


Different types of cuts are there which helps in enhancing a diamond engagement rings and that is why you need to choose the diamond ring and its cut by scrutinizing everything.


  • Round cut: the Round cut is basically for someone who is very much drawn towards the timeless and classic style. This round brilliant cut is perfect for people who want to wear a very traditional look and this engagement ring will last for many ages. So if you are looking for that maximum sparkle, then the round cut is something you should be considering.


  • Princess cut: The Princess cut diamond will be square in shape and it will have beveled four sides and it creates the pyramid appearance with a shiny surface. If you want to incorporate modern design with maximum sparkle, then this is the perfect ring cut. The ring looks contemporary because of the clean lines.


  • Emerald cut: Emerald cut helps in flaunting the refinement and elegance. This elongated shape is perfect for someone who is on the understated side. If you are a woman having a very discerning taste, then it is perfect from you because it helps in blending classic style with the edge.


  • Cushion cut: Trendiness and feminine come to a point where the cushion cut is developed. If you are looking for the soft look with maximum sparkle, then this cushion cut is perfect for you.


  • Oval cut: Oval cuts are becoming quite popular among the diamond rings because this cut is going to help you in providing those elegant and classic aesthetic look.


  • Marquise cut: Marquise cut is for people looking for ultimate elegance because the pointed ends will be meeting with the Navette cut. Apart from being unique, this ring cut is going to create the illusion of having an elongated hand.


  • Radiant cut: Radiant cut is quite similar to emerald cut and it looks like the octagon. This ring will be a dazzler and it is specifically for the women who are very outgoing and bubbly in nature. With a lot of flash and sparkle, this rectangular shape with brilliant faceting diamond cutting is going to steal the limelight.


  • Asscher cut: Asscher cut helps in showing some sophistication and it is specifically for the women who are looking for unique and antique design and want those retro look. This cut is quite similar to the emerald cut.


The cut of the diamond should be chosen by looking into the lifestyle of the person. The budget will be the determining factor of the type of cut that you can opt for. Every cut is going to have its own gleam and an engagement ring must showcase the type of personality the person who is wearing it is having. The cut off the diamond ring is what makes the entire concept unique.

Things to do before and after a psychic medium session


As we all know that mediumship is done for talking to the spirits of human beings, dead or alive. People go to attend psychic medium sessions so that they can talk to their loved ones, but not everyone knows what happens in the session. There are certain things that one should do before and after attending psychic medium sessions. If you too are one of those individuals who are keen to attend such sessions, then you should go for it, but before that read the following points as they say what to do before and after a psychic medium session.

Things to do before a psychic medium session Auckland

  1. prepare yourself for it

This is your first time that you are attending a medium session. So, knowing the exact details about it is not possible, but you must have a slight idea of it. Prepare your mind for that. This is the most necessary thing to do before going to such sessions.

  1. Find the reason for attending this session

If you are just curious about this session, then please do your share of research about it and do not go for the session. You need to have a good reason for attending this session and if you do not have one don’t go for it.

  1. Prepare the questions that you are going to ask

You know it very well that you are attending the session to talk to your loved ones, who are not more with you, but keep this thing in mind that you won’t get enough time to prepare for it in the session. So, prepare the questions that you want to ask, before going for it.

  1. Find the right medium for the perfect session

The most important thing you need to do, in order to have that perfect session is to find the right medium. Find them by doing a quick research on internet. You can search for Psychic medium Auckland.

Things to do after a psychic medium session

  1. Trust your gut feelings

Now that you have attended the session, you know that the talk that is there between you and your loved one is done through the medium. It is said that not every medium in the world is 100% true. So, it is advisory to trust your gut feelings.

  1. Take some space between your next session

It is advisory to have some gap between two sessions of psychic medium. The reason behind this is that, it is not healthy to visit a psychic medium on a daily basis. So, there should be a space of at least 6 to 12 months between two medium sessions of yours. You should always keep this thing in mind that it is anyways an unnatural thing. So, you need to have patience.

So, these were the things that you need to do before and after attending a psychic session. With these points it is clear that it is not the usual way, so one should be bit careful about it in.