Few Tips to Start a Successful Home Staging Business


Auckland boasts of a booming real estate scenario at the moment with an almost 20% increase in sales per year. Home staging refers to the process of preparing a residence for sale in the real estate market. Just like any form of advertising, home staging makes use of different techniques to make a property look more appealing and attractive to potential customers. Use of greenery, lights, paintings and accessories are common and effective tools of home staging. Home staging is swiftly becoming an integral part of selling a property, hence increasing the demand for home staging professionals among home sellers and real estate agents. Home staging business is a relatively low-cost start-up, which can be executed as a part-time or home business as well. If you are into interior designing, this would be the perfect aspect for you to explore without investing much capital. Here are four tips and tricks that can help you set up a successful home staging business.

  1. Do Your Research:

A business is obviously a serious affair and a little homework is always helpful. Not only should you be adept in interior designing, you must have a clear idea about the local real estate market. Knowledge of the real estate trends can help you gauge the taste of your clients. Also, you must also have a clear picture of the current scenario of the business itself, so as to identify your competitors and their strengths.

  1. Hone Your Skills:

Enhance your staging and designing skills by getting enrolled in one of the many advanced training programs available in Auckland. Not only will it make you better and more knowledgeable about home staging designing, but it would be a strong point in your resume. It is true that most real estate agents would not bother about qualifications if your work is good enough, but the certificates from these training add significantly to your credibility.

  1. Build a Portfolio:

Building an impressive portfolio of your past works is an important part of your home staging business. It would demonstrate your capability and success to your potential clients. Include only the best of your initial and low cost works in your portfolio and add active references to enhance your reputation.

  1. Communication and Marketing:

Like any other product or service in the market, advertising your business and having good contacts within your business community is a very important part of running a successful business. Having good communication skills will help you a lot while dealing with demanding clients. Be sure to have extremely clear conversations with your clients regarding the available resources, their expectation and the price. As for marketing, putting up online and offline advertisements is a good way to create brand awareness.

Home staging business is something that would not see a downward trend in the near future. With the required skills, correct plan and resources, you can set up a successful business for yourself, which would bring you profit while following your passion.

Property management companies of Auckland- select a good company


There are many property management companies in the whole of Auckland and they serve the best that they can to their clients. They offer excellent communication as well as have a very professional approach which is why these property management companies are recommended to every landlord.

Property management companies in Auckland have a number of employees who take care of people properties whether they are for commercial or business purposes. These property management companies are quite talented and they actually take care of the people’s properties and get them on rents as well.

These property management companies will also help you with their full property management service which includes all kinds of queries or advice which you may need from them.

Property management companies are not only for those who are in search of buying a property, in fact they are also known for helping landlords. Any issues which the landlords are facing regarding the people living at their place, regarding the plumbing or any other fault, it is the property management company of Auckland which can help them.

Some of the tasks of property management companies

  • The collection of rent: with the help of the property management companies tenant portal which is viewable on the website, the rent is easily collected online electronically.
  • And when the owners send their payments the bank accounts are completely computerized which is why the payments fall directly in the client’s bank accounts.
  • You can view the statements of the owners anytime that you want on the owner portal on the website. With the help of this, the owners have this option of accessing all the present, past and the end of year statements anytime that they want to.
  • Property management companies of Auckland are also responsible for disputes if they arise between the tenants and the landlords. They deal very calmly with the problem which would have otherwise been very difficult for you to tackle.
  • You can trust that your property and your money are in excellent and safe hands and you do not have to worry at all about your money or property being taken away from you.
  • Property managers are quite professionals as well as experienced so you do not have to worry about anything immature from them at all. It is like once you have entrusted them with your money and property you can just simply forget about it.

Wrapping up

With a property manager on the help for you, you can just sit back and relax and let the property manager do your work. At the moment, there must be thousands of people who are new in Auckland. some would want to buy property for investment purposes, some would want to rent out their property and so many more reasons.

These all problems and services can be carried out easily if you get yourselves a good property manager in Auckland who will deal with everything. It is best if you decide which property management company should you choose for yourself!



The Certifications And Regulations One Must Know While Installing Passive Fire Protection

The Certifications And Regulations One Must Know While Installing Passive Fire Protection

Many people have the misconception that Passive Fire Protection (PFP) is something which they can put in if they want to in the buildings they make. But that’s wrong because passive fire protection methods are part of major building regulations. Actually, this is what makes PFP so complicated. There is a whole bevy of codes and regulations that involves each component of this fire protection system. As such it becomes important to understand that any product like a window isn’t fire-rated just by itself. It is rated as such only when it gets installed according to the instructions and then gets tested or used in a fire assembly. There’s more which you should know regarding the installations of PFP like:

Things you should know about when installing PFP?

  • Accredited organizations: The products which are being used in the passive fire protection system must be tested and verified according to the standards put in place by accredited organizations like PA-based ASTM Intl. and Northbrook, West Conshohocken, and IL-based Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
  • Ratings: Systems get rated using the temperature (the “T” rating), half hour or hour (the “F” rating), and by the smoke penetration (the “L” rating) system. If any system gets a “W” rating, then it just indicates that it has the ability to resist water leakage that takes place before the fire temporarily.
  • Maintaining the PFP: It’s not enough to just know the codes and certifications associated with each of the PFO systems places in the building. You must also be aware of the fact that constant maintenance must take place so that these systems remain in top shape. Know that if your building has been plumbed or rewired then penetrations could have been made in the fire barriers. As such maintenance and upgradation become important in such cases. If these systems remain in top shape then it would allow better survival rates for both people and property in case of a fire.


  • For landlords and tenants: Ensure that the fire rating label isn’t painted over, make sure that the door swings without any resistance and then ensure that it latches on properly as well. Also, you should know where are the rated floors and walls in the building, ensure that the tops of walls and penetrations are sealed well. If they are indeed sealed then know the design which was put in place. Overall, you should know what really is going on in your building. Also, keep our eyes open for changes in the fire protection system that could weaken up its efficiency.


  • Costs: Cost is something which plays a major role in the installation of such fire protection systems. So it’s better to prepare ahead and know how much will all of it cost. Call professionals and know about it. Also, keep in mind that different buildings belonging from different building periods will have different fire codes put in place. So the cost quoted to get the PFP systems installed will be different for each one.

As such; knowing about the various codes, certifications and verifications will help you and your property in remaining safe and secure.